Amp Americas

In 2011, we founded Amp Americas, a renewable-methane project developer and CNG-station operator. Our idea was to replace diesel (the most expensive BTU) with methane (the cheapest BTU) in the transportation sector. Better yet, we developed renewable sources of methane that could serve as a drop-in renewable fuel to replace fossil-derived natural gas. Along the way, we developed the first agricultural waste-to-energy project recognized under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and were recently awarded the lowest carbon intensity score in California’s history under their Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS). Last year, Amp’s various projects reduced carbon in an amount equivalent to planting 2.1M trees (an area the size of Denver)1.

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Carbon Solutions

Carbon Solutions Group is a project development, environmental asset management and advisory firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The firm brings project finance specialization in environmental asset valuation, trading and energy forecasting. Their services include the development of carbon and renewable energy projects, emissions mitigation and management, GHG Emissions Inventory, Green Building projects, as well as regulatory and protocol advisory with regard to carbon emissions and renewable fuels.

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IncubEx is an incubator for exchange traded products, services, and technology solutions. At its core, IncubEx is a product and business development firm. The company works in conjunction with its global exchange partner, European Energy Exchange (EEX) and other leading service providers and stakeholders to design and develop new financial products in global environmental, reinsurance, and related commodity markets. The company has a specific focus on innovation and continuous improvement of products and services, including technology, trading solutions, and operational efficiencies. The IncubEx team is comprised of former key Climate Exchange executives and is uniquely positioned to capture these opportunities with its partners. The company was founded in 2016 and currently has offices in Chicago and London.

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1 A reduction of 82,833 tons of CO2, per the EPA calculator, is the equivalent of planting 97,509 acres or 152 square miles of trees; Denver covers 155 square miles.