We invest in value(s)

We are a private investment firm focused on real food, clean energy, and real estate. At our core, we are value investors driven by our values.

Active Investments

Real Food

The Fresh Factory (formerly 87P) is a leader in fresh food manufacturing. The company specializes in fresh produce ingredients, clean-label formulation, and plant-based products. In addition to helping launch emerging brands, the Fresh Factory owns the Here brand and has equity interests in a variety of other real food brands. In 2019, the company will purchase millions of lbs of produce (often seconds that would be wasted) and ship nearly 10 million units.

Other real food investments include Farmers Fridge, The Kitchen, and Prommus Brands.

Clean Energy

Amp Americas is fueling the future of trucking by transitioning fleets to run off renewable forms of methane. In 2017, Amp was awarded the lowest carbon intensity score of any project in the history of California and in 2019 Amp will help their customers reduce their carbon footprint by over 160,000 tons.

Other clean energy investments include Carbon Solutions Group, Incubex, and Aggregated Micro Power.

Real Estate

R^2 is a vertically integrated investment platform that designs, builds, leases, and manages real estate. Since 2011, the firm has consolidated more than 3.5 million square feet of existing and planned creative office assets in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis. In addition, R^2 is currently developing three mixed-use developments on Chicago’s Goose Island that total more than 700,000 rentable square feet.

Other real estate investments include Lost Arts and Built Worlds.