We’ve spent more than 20 years starting companies in technology, finance, clean energy, and fresh food. As entrepreneurs, we put some of the first classes online, helped transition the trading pits to electronic trading, and pioneered the use of renewable natural gas (RNG) as a transportation fuel.

Today we continue with that entrepreneurial mindset by backing entrepreneurs and managers investing at the edges. We have deep experience and domain expertise in renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, plant-based foods, real estate, and financial markets. We’ve also been active in the creation of a number of investment platforms, having been general partners in both real estate and venture capital funds.


New Frontier Farms, Salem, Wisconsin


Our direct investment focus is on sustainability with an emphasis on renewable energy, environmental markets, and plant-based foods. We invest early, often at the seed round, and take an active role.

Venture Capital

We are active investors in venture capital, effectively managing a fund of funds. Our focus is on early-stage managers with an emphasis on software, biotech, and consumer.

Real Estate

We are an active investor in real estate, farmland, and other real assets, including renewable-energy projects (primarily solar).

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