2016, Here Holdings : Leading the Local Food Movement
Cofounder & CEO

2016, Prommus Brands : Make a Promise
2016, Farmer’s Fridge : Farm. Food. Fast.
2016, Limitless : Pure Bean, Pure Potential
2015, The Kitchen : Community Through Food


2011, ampCNG : Fueling the Future of Trucking
Cofounder & Executive Chairman

2017, Incubex : Building Tomorrow’s Markets
2015, AMP UK : Aggregated Micro Power
2011, Carbon Solution : Low Carbon for a Sustainable Future


2012, R^2 : A Fully Integrated Real Estate Investment Firm
Principal & Managing Member

2016, Lost Arts : A New Space for Ambitious Creatives
2014, BuiltWorlds : Building Better Ideas

Investment Focus

Whether it’s redevelopment or sponsoring public art at R^2, investing in renewable energy at ampCNG, or working to connect local farms to markets at Here, we’re trying to leave the world a little better than we found it. In almost every case, if we invest, it’s because we’ve known and worked with the founder for years. Generally speaking, we’re interested in real food, clean energy, and real assets, and we tend to be value-focused.

Previous Companies

2014, 87P/dailyServing: High-Pressure Food Processing
Cofounder, acquired by Here Holdings in 2016

2011, energy.me: Retail Energy Supplier
Cofounder, acquired by Agera Energy in 2015

2002, Infinium: Technology-Driven Market-Maker
Partner, sold privately in 2010

1998, TECHnacity: Software-Development Firm
Founder, sold privately in 2014